Thursday, August 5, 2010

Natural light

Whilst these may be very different spaces, the one thing they do have in common is their natural light and gorgeous big windows that create such a fresh and wonderful atmosphere. It's amazing how much natural light can make you feel so good! I used to have my office desk away from the window, finally I moved it to the window which has meant I get to enjoy the view outside which provides such a calming effect. Not only do I feel more productive, but relaxed as well. Kellie xx


  1. Kellie, that first pic. makes me want to turn our deck into a four season sunroom! It's almost like being outdoors, love it! xo

  2. Agreed. I try to tell my son that his studying would be more productive if he'd open the drapes in his room when he studies, maybe I should show him this!

  3. Thank you for these images Kellie.
    It's uplifting to see sunlight even if it's on the screen and not out my window today!
    The third image is a testament to great design in a very small space.
    x Felicity

  4. Happy, happy, happy, they make me smile. I love your love for color, I can always come here and get a dose of happy color, thankyou!! Kathysue

  5. All so fresh and inviting! Give me Krista Ewart any day! KG

  6. Those polka dots stools are so beautiful! I loved them!


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