Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving trinkets around...

What a pretty table. Gorgeous tablecloth, an old book and fabulous little vintage trinkets. I quite like to move my little things around my home to give them a new look. This is the perfect example of how well it can work! Kellie xx

From here. x


  1. Beautiful. Thank for sharing. Love your blog. lulu

  2. I have such a thing for birds it's crazy... but not in real life (they scare the bejesus out of me!). Such a pretty little collection of bits. You have inspired me to revive my collections when I get home xx

  3. Love this pretty arrangement, perfect and whimsical!
    Do it all the time myself!


  4. Kellie as always, it looks great. If only I could have a pretty corner that my boys would not leave lego on or throw a ball at by accident! One day though, I will have a white house with pretty tables. But not too soon. my little guy starts school next week!!! BTW, Puppies are so well and truly cute. They look like the best of friends now.

  5. I find "table arranging" works best if I ignore all "rules" and just go with my heart, otherwise I doubt myself too much and end up frustrated.

  6. Lovely pic Kellie! This is something that I repeatedly fail at unfortunately. I try and I try but I just don't seem to have the knack for styling. Have a lovely day - Tina x

  7. Gorgeous - i'd happily say 'wrap it up, i'll take the lot'.

    Would like to find a bird statue like that one, most around at the moment are monochrome.

    jules :)

  8. Looks like a magazine shot, how lovely!

  9. Very romantic. I'm like that as well, I love to move pieces around to see if I can create a new mood. Sometimes can feel like you've purchased something new. Hope you are doing well Kellie? x

  10. Things are always moving around my this image today.

  11. You and my sissy would be BFF!
    She adores moving things around too!
    And she is so giften at it...just like you!
    Pop over Kellie!
    I am having a PINK WEEK Giveaway!

  12. Hi Kellie! I'm cathing up on your posts .... funny how it's the little things that make a difference to a room, and that with a simple change, rearrangement it can all look new!! Interestingly I've done a post today at Vintage Rose on vintage details - the quirky little things that make a home a home!
    Take care, chat soon!
    Vintage Rose Studio

  13. This is just lovely, how gorgeous is that lil bird?


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