Saturday, May 2, 2009

RIP Marc Jacobs Shoe....

I came home from work on Thursday night and my darling little puppy was so proud of what she had done for the day! As i looked around i could see pink leather shredded on the floor and then i saw it. One half of my favourite Marc Jacobs shoes lying on the floor, heel chewed, leather destroyed. Now these aren't new shoes by any stretch, but you know how when you are desperate and want comfort, these were it. All i could say was, "ohhhh Lily, oh wow....".  

I certainly wont be leaving my shoes around in future....

And, here is a close up for the full extent of the damage. Yikes.....

And here is the gem after such a hard day!!! Lucky she is so damn cute :) 


  1. How could that gorgeous thing do that!

  2. Well,....they make for a great 'still life' set up.

    Hang them from your inspiration board and to honor them and the creative influence they had on your lifestyle and life moments.

  3. Ouch!! Your poor shoes! Little Lily certainly put her stamp on those. I'm sure she was proud!

  4. oooh I'm feeling your pain... luckily she is sweet as sugar :) my cat peed into my most fantastic vintage handbag, but fortunately for him he is just so lovely

  5. my heart is going out for you. being a shoe-lover and having unconditional love for pups. aie aie aie. hopefully, there's still something that can be done..why not bring them to a shoe repair atelier....?
    Btw, am new to your blog, and I love it!!thx for all the inspiration:)

  6. Laughing out loudly!!!!
    When I first got my doggie, she made the huge mistake of chewing on mama's hermes belt. She knew mama was none to happy and promised to never ever do it again, hehehe.


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