Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pretty cards for any occassion...

Such darling cards! It's always the way, when you need a gorgeous card, you just can't find one. My best friend Kate is fantastic at buying cards when she sees them and saving them for a rainy day. That way , she never suffers my dilemma {or the anxiety}! Kellie xx

Cards from Studio Flower Power x


  1. They are gorgeous! I also buy and save cards too.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Like your friend Kate, and Janette, I also buy cards and save them. Jackie's work is just gorgeous -- pretty enough to frame -- I'm definitely bookmarking her shop!

  3. Beautiful cards! I love shopping for unique and handmade cards...such a lovely addition to a gift!


  4. What lovely cards! Thanks for sharing!

  5. the little birdie is so sweet :)

  6. They are fabulous. I'm like your friend if I see a card that suits someone then I buy it there and then and keep them in a Birthday month by month folder

  7. Wow - they're so pretty!! so much goodness over at Etsy, i do a wishlist wednesday post each week finding lovely Etsy things - so tempting!!

  8. Stockpiling is such a good idea, of course I am hopless at remembering to do it! I love the Zebra card.. so quirky, and they all have such great vibrant colours!
    :) Flick

  9. So pretty. I love to write notes, and these make such a statement.

  10. Yes very cute! I particularly love the bird one.

    I am a card'a'holic and have a couple of shoe boxes full in my little studio, however in contrast of your friend I can't part with mine.. I love them too much... aaah, the irony of it all! :)
    Instead I make my own cards for special occasions. I love how they can be tailored and how happy they make the receiver. They don't have to be fabulous or elegant. I think it is just the idea of making something for someone that is key. Hand made love always hits home in my book.

    xx C


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