Saturday, May 15, 2010

My interest in an antique vase

I adore this stunning picture found at Judy's blog; Verandah House {a favourite blog of mine, might I add}... I think why I adore that vase so much is it reminds me of an antique vase that my Mum has at her home. Ever since I was little I used to want to touch and play with that vase {but was never allowed with Mum knowing how clumbsy I was}... I have been searching at flea markets for while for one similiar and think perhaps my search needs to start on Ebay... I'll keep you all posted on how my efforts go!

Very jealous about those peonies too, sadly not in season here in Australia but I'm about to head to the flower markets for my regular Saturday morning trip for bloom joy anyways. Kellie xx


  1. I love all antiques. I take my time collecting them piece by piece. Pretty soon I will need a bigger house!

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Bloom joy is important to feed a girl's soul. Enjoy your blooms. Inhale their fragrance. Embrace the beauty.

  3. Kellie, even when you were little you had the designer bug... trying to play w/ you Mum's vase! xo

  4. Oh I can see why you are jealous of the peonies, they are gorgeous and so is the vase.

    Have had to have a catch up on your wonderful posts, I have a new puppy and she does not like me on the computer, so it's been an interesting week to say the least.

    hugs DJ

  5. You are right. Those vases are spectacular!!! I love Japanese motifs (am I correct in assuming they are Japanese vs Chinese in origin?). Stunning. good luck in your search!

  6. Wow...I adore that vase too...anything black with colour makes my heart sing. xoxoxo


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