Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday - Again!?

What is it about Monday mornings? We live for the weekend and when Monday pops around again I always have that sense of disappointment like I have never felt Monday-itis before!

I really should be out of bed before 7am but I take some short cuts to get me to work early enough and still have a bit of extra time snoozing. Have a lovely week everyone! Thank you for dropping by Ada & Darcy! Kellie

Image via La Boom!


  1. I have the luxury of being a homebody seven days a week. So no alarms for me that don't bark or meow!

  2. That lovely... I'm steel sunday when I take your "blog" so that realy funny... I have some hours before monday and I think I'll take them, I'll live them. thank you!

  3. Lol, I was just saying I wish it was still Sunday, really not ready for this morning! Hey ho back to work we go!

  4. I am one of those strange people who likes Mondays, that's because it's my day off work! I work every second weekend and get Mon and Tues off ( unless we have a project on at the gallery that I need to be there for). I find them a great day for catching up. I hope you have a lovely week Kellie!!

  5. Here still is sunday.
    This photo ís great.
    Have a happy week.

  6. sooooo know how you feel Kellie!! Monday starts around 3 on sunday i reckon though, by the time the ironing for the week and making schoool lunches for monday comes around, the weekend is gone :(

    hope you have a great week darl, jx

  7. Monday already!? It is still 4:00 in the afternoon on sunday in California. Yikes don't rush my week away I am always a little behind anyway,hehe. Sometimes I call Mondays-Moandays. I bet you can relate!! I hope your week is full of wonderfulness!! Kathysue

  8. time zones are sooo funny.
    I mean, in the web world! ;-)
    It is 1am, of monday 3rd, and I am getting ready to bed, thinking about my monday morning and if I should set my alarm for 7.30am or 7.45 ;-)
    while for you is already 8.30am and in the meantime my parents are still at 8pm od sunday!

    Have a nice week!

  9. Still Sunday over here in California, but Monday is lurking around the corner!


  10. this is a darling image!

    happy monday

  11. happy monday! hope it is somewhat bearable..hehe.

  12. You need to get that store up and running girl so you can stay in your jammies and work from home. Do it. A-M xx

  13. Monday is when you realize that you wanted to do more over the weekend. I like spending Mondays planning what I can do during the upcoming weekend!

  14. i get like that on Sunday night -a little sad to see the weekend dissapear so fast!
    i dont like Mondays at all....

  15. Happy Monday! Mondays can be good as its the start of a fresh week. I always find Tuesday especially challenging! Such a gorgeous pic Kellie xx

  16. I know the feeling, but Monday's is a fresh start of the week with new opportunities, adventures and encounters. After I have my large latte I feel I can conquer the world. Wishing you a wonderful week x

  17. Mondays are hard but are fantastic when they are long weekends :) Like today. But really Mondays should be good because it's the beginning of the week and whole lot of new challenges and goals.

  18. I suppose Mondays can be a bit of a new beginning, if only we could start thinking of them this way.

  19. What a brilliant picture! I love it!!

    Yes, it's hard to beat the Monday morning blues. Especially now that it is quite chilly first up.. So many reasons to stay in bed a little longer..

    x Charlotta


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