Saturday, April 10, 2010

A meal to remember...

I am absolutely no food critic however I have to say that I had possibly the best meal today I have ever had. I went to Bird Cow Fish in Surry Hills (for my international readers an inner Sydney suburb) and ordered the gnocchi with prawns, burnt, verjuice and crispy sage. Oh my, it was absolutely amazing and I would never normally order gnocchi! I was sad when I had eaten it all!

If you have not already been there, please, please go and try it and if you have been and didn't select the gnocchi, you must return. Delicious.

I'm planning on when I can return for round two. Wow, wow, wow.... Kellie xx

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  1. This sounds like absolute culinary heaven...Isn't it fun to find such pleasures in unexpected places or dishes in this case?
    We are going to Italy this summer, I can't wait to eat my way through the Italien country kitchen...
    Happy weeekend, darling!


  2. That is definitely a meal I would like to try!
    xoxo Laura

  3. That sounded delicious. After my oyster poisoning, I'm a bit off of my food but I'm gradually getting back to eating ! Our daughter and boyfriend will be in Sydney next week. I will have to text them the name of the restaurant.XXXX

  4. Such a gorgeous image, Kellie! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. sounds fabulous kellie - nothing like a fab lunch out over the weekend!


  6. will jot that down as a place to eat if I ever visit that side of the world. :D

  7. That food sounds amazing and beautiful flowers as always!

  8. Sadly - I live in the U.S. because gnocchi is one of my favorites. I've been experimenting with making it myself - with inconsistent results... I'm thinking it's time to consult with my friend who has a great recipe from her no longer with us grandmother. Hopefullly she'll share!

    I'm so bad about commenting - but I'm a regular reader and just love your blog.

  9. One of my favourite restaurants, their food never ever disappoints.


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