Monday, March 1, 2010

Homely dreams

I was reading the latest copy of Country Style about a woman who left the city and moved to the Sunshine Coast. Her home was tucked away in the beautiful mountains, with a fabulous water view as well. And she owns one of my favourite stores in Noosa - Talloh!!

Luke and I often talk about selling up and moving to the Noosa region. I adore the place and I think it would suit our lifestyle and future plans. Next thing though is I have to convince Mum to want to do the same. I'm not sure she thinks she would cope with the summer heat. Personally I think you adapt to your surroundings... Right!?
I found this beautiful home. Of course I am not showing you the interior as I would want to make my mark on that although the exterior and the overall feel of the home is just what I adore. Of course that massive pool really clinches the deal!

Now back to my convincing tactics!! Kellie x

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  1. The pool and lawn should be your convincing weapons! Divine!

  2. Oh wow! That backyard is glorious! Would be so lovely for entertaining x

  3. Oh yeah! I'd be moving too!!
    Living in Denmark you get yuor share of cold winters, freezing weather...and now living in the tropics - LOVING IT! It does take a little getting used to, but it's so worth it!! I promise...

    Northern Light

  4. Yay I'll be right there with you Kellie!! Noosa is one of my favourite places too, I love strolling down Hasting street then going into the cafe's & sitting watching the world go by, I always go when I get the chance.
    You will get use to the heat, when we moved to tropical Queensland the first summer the A/C was constently on now is not on as much you do adjust. :)

  5. Oh what a gorgeous looking house

  6. I would move tomorrow it is convincing MY CHILDREN to move that is the problem!!!

  7. Dream houses, i would move right away because they look so peaceful and with that "HOME" feeling :)

  8. What a beautiful dream home, I love the sparkling pool!


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