Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bathroom boldness

My husband Luke is a patient and easy going man. As much as I adore something this bold look i'm thinking something like this would be a bit too much for him. Plus being such a stickler for attention to detail, painting those stripes on the roof would be too much for him I think! Kellie xx

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  1. Yes, but it is so clean and fresh and fun.

    Two colors to take note:

    Bright yellow: makes us a little anxious. It is the color of caution. It could be worked well in a stagnant space, like a hallway or staircase.

    Hot Pink: Is the "Time out" color. It is used in the prisons, as a special temporary time out, to re-group, and settle down an anxious inmate. However, after the allotted 15 minutes, it seems to have the adverse affects. So great for a bathroom or powder room but, maybe not so, in the kitchen or living room, or bedroom.

  2. The yellow is so cheery, I really like it!

  3. I love that painting!!! Its' cute! I see stripes are coming back in style! :)

  4. now that's a wake up and smell the coffee sort of bathroom. Cute.

  5. Maybe if you used painter's tape the job would be easier? I don't know. It's just so lovely!

  6. ...now how happy are those stripes? Great image! There is no way you could get a bad start to the day, starting your morning routine here. How about some teamwork with Luke, I am sure youtwo could get this done in a weekend!!!

    Happy painting,
    Northern Light

  7. Oooh but it looks so sunny... but yes I can imagine trying to paint straight stripes on a ceiling would cause some heartache!!


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