Sunday, January 3, 2010

A glass and a colourful delight

Hello Sunday. Last day of my holidays. How very sad. 

So I celebrate and rejoice this last day with gorgeous glasses and yummy, colourful things to eat. I then need to get myself motivated and accept the fact that my life of luxury and relaxation is over (until the next anticipated break). Anyone else feel my pain!? Kellie xx

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  1. What's cuter than a polka dot glass?? The break was most definitely not long enough!

  2. That cupcake would go beautifully with my cup of tea! Lovely pics. Sorry to hear you holidays have come to an end x

  3. Oh, I'm right there with you about work tomorrow... I can't think of a single thing more depressing right now.

  4. I definitely understand the blues of going back to normal life. That cupcake looks delicious though!!

  5. I am so with last day too. I wish I had those lovely cupcakes to celebrate. xoxoox

  6. I understand completely. Beautiful cupcakes though!

  7. Okay Kellie...
    I must know...
    Did you make that MOST ADORABLE cupcake?
    I'm sad your holiday is over?
    Are you a teacher?
    I taught first grade until we moved to the Northwest...I do know what it feels like to have to go back to work following such a long and lovely holiday!
    But you can do it!
    I know the pups will be so lonely and sad to see you go and I know you will miss their cute faces.
    :( I will be thinking about you.

  8. Oh Kellie I am right there with you I must get motivated too & start making a heap of things for The Feathered Nest, hope you have a great 2010!!

  9. Brilliant photographs and such a reminder that you are enjoying summer whilst we are in the depths of winter !!
    So sorry that it's back to reality for you tomorrow. I'm sure that you will get right back into the swing of things very quickly, Kellie.. XXXX

  10. Beautiful photos!!! I'm so sorry your holiday is finishing...I understand and fell your pain!! But it will be good, give me 2 days and you will be fine!!!xx

  11. That is sad!! It's not fair... holidays should last for at least the whole summer! I hope your sunday was lovely, and good luck getting back into work. Gorgeous cupcakes by the way!

  12. The cupcake helps a little:) It's been a great 2 weeks off and I wish it could continue! I've painted for most of it and couldn't be more relaxed! Happy work week:)

  13. those lovely pics would definitely help ease some of the pain...or maybe not.
    i wish you the very best for this year Kellie ♥

  14. Happy New Year! That is quite a way to ring it in!


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