Sunday, June 7, 2009

Relaxed and revived...

I am back from my mini holiday with Kate! It was a beautiful weekend.... We had some fantastic wine (we bought lots), had some beautiful meals (the best fish and chips i have had in ages) and saw lots of beautiful, amazing things! The highlight was the most divine breakfast, the owner Carol at Thistle Hill cooked beautiful cakes and poached fruit each morning and as you can see in some of my pics the decor there is gorgeous! Just so lovely..... Here are just a few picturess of the weekend, hope you enjoy. Kellie xx



1. Myself in the vineyards (unfortunately this was the only one that hadn't quite lost all its leaves for winter).
2. The gorgeous chairs and fabric on the outdoor seating. 
3. Our of our beautiful and elegant rooms. Perfect for relaxing after cheese and wine tasting!
4. The beautiful breakfast room and divine breakfast - fresh each morning and served so beautifully. The room looked out over vineyards and a dam.
5. Just one shot of the amazing cakes cooked for us by Carol.
6. Some of our wine purchased. Wine and a beautiful candle, with cheese and crackers - yum!!
7. Some of Kate's jewellery hanging up on a plate and also on this beautiful rustic mirror in our room.
8. The lovely decor at Leaves and Fishes restaurant where i had the most amazing fish and chips!


  1. Oh my...looks amazing...what a feast for the eyes and the glad you had a wonderful time..the location looks so beautiful...may your week continue on the same note!!!

  2. The perfect gals weekend! Aren't cozy inns with great innkeepers the best?

    Great pictures of what looks to have been a deligtful time.

  3. Looks like you had a good weekend & the Thistle hill looks like great place to get away & chill.

  4. That looks like an amazing place to visit! It looks peaceful and beautiful and such a lovely place to go.

  5. Everything is beautiful, Oh those stripy chairs. Girls just wanna have fun!

  6. I miss the vineyards! I grew up in Mudgee and still love going back there with friends for weekends like this.

  7. It looks quite heavenly! Making me wish for a quick getaway myself. Glad you had fun. Julie

  8. This place looks gorgeous and the food... yummy! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Yum- that breakfast looks delish! I love visiting the Hunter.

  10. looks like so mcuh fun and what a gorgeous place to stay!


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