Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend happiness.

I adore my garden. I love it filled with really pretty things. Today i purchased two gorgeous camellia's for an absolute bargain even though i don't really have the room for them. They are white, with lots of layers of petals with a gorgeous pink splash every here and there. I also bought some colourful little snapdragons and another two annuals with pretty yellow flowers that even the man at the nursery couldn't quite recall what they are. Regardless, they are all beautiful. My weekend is complete. 


  1. Beautiful! I love to garden too.. I have purchased three rose bushes so far this year and still want more! I am having quite the love affair this year with roses.... The pictures look lovely... I will have to post some of mine as well too... and I know what you mean about it being weekend happiness.. I awaken with only one thought.. and that is of what can I plant today.. lol.. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and and for your comment, it allowed me to find yours and so happy I did! It's gorgeous and a true feast for the eyes!

    I'll be back soon and often!


  3. What a beautiful photo. It is always so special being able to display flowers from your own garden!

  4. My camellia's are blooming now and they are so wonderful. I pick them every 2nd day and I just love them.


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