Monday, May 18, 2009

Cupcakes! Not bad first go....

My lovely friend Amy shared her fabulous red velvet cup cake recipe. I recently had one of Amy's cakes and it was delightful.... Smooth texture and amazing cream cheese icing. Now i'm not much of a baker so who knows how things could have ended up, i did need to purchase a few essential items that would be very helpful for the process... Hence the shopping bag! How gorgeous is that lovely pink bag though (although i know they are so bad for the environment)? I couldn't resist the black and white polka dot paper either for the cupcakes... I hope Amy you are proud!!!

I did need a cup of tea and some chocolates to get me through the process!

How red is that mixture. Possibly not great for the insides but every so often is OK don't you think...

My gorgeous cup cakes, and they even taste fabulous too! I do need to practice the icing bit but first go i was quite pleased. 

Kellie xx

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  1. these look so yummy and beautiful! I am the queen of making ugly cakes, ugh.

  2. RED VELVET cakes are so pretty when you bite into them. The icing sounds...So YUMMY!!!

  3. Can I just pull that out of my monitor?! YUm!

  4. Kellie, they look so yummy..
    you did a really good job, so good infact you'll probably take me out of business.
    The the polka dot cases are lovely.
    I bet Luke was happy you made them.

  5. Yum, wish we could all eat one. Well done.

  6. Nice work!...
    One of my favorites is "Spice" cake with the same cream cheese frosting; try that next...please ;P

  7. Oh yummy! I've forgotten how good red velvet cake tastes. I'm trying out a recipe for oreo cheesecake... I have my apron on as I type! x


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