Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My world...

Here's a few snippets into my world this past week.

Our room was such a mess. It was at the point where I couldn't find shoes, clothes, face products etc... I'd been meaning to do it for a while but it was so out of control i was putting it off. Bags and bags of clothes for vinnies later, I had have lots of organisation and space and my shoes were back in order. Amazing how such a horrid task can make you feel so good! Now I can wear two shoes that match!!

Miu MIu

Yes, our room, much represented this kind of disorganisation!!

sofia coppola

I'm getting a bit sick and tired of our white door. Pondering other options...

pink door

Gorgeous blue cushions just in! Also in are some sample stools at reduced prices!

product shots

Source: Ada & Darcy HQ, This is Glamorous, La Belle Vie & Ada & Darcy xx


  1. Hi Kellie

    Oh I know disorganised - I hate it and I love things just right! I feel like my brain is all out of sorts when I have messy surrounds.

    love - love - love those green spots on your shoes! Very cute!

    I know those cushions, I drooled when I saw them on your website - I did a bit of web browsing of your shop yesterday.
    Actually I wanted to buy one of your scarfs from you - (I tried to call a few times but didn't leave a message) I know you are a busy gal.
    Will try again today if I get a moment.

    happy de-clutterd day to you :)



  2. That PINK door is amazing !! ...love love love Ria...xxx...

  3. Hi Kellie,
    A loved the blue pillows and the sandals!
    Have a happy week.
    With love from Brazil,

  4. Are they your shoes?! Gorgeous. And don't worry, you aren't the only one. Our room looked like that just recently!

  5. it feels great to purge sometimes and just get rid of things you dont' need anymore and donate them to great organization to help others. i agree definitely consider changing your white door

  6. i likie!!

    the stools are wonderful.

  7. Culling feels SO GOOD doesn't it...your mind feels less cluttered when things are back in order. I say go for the splash of colour with your doors..why not!! Hope you are having a great weeks so far lovely x

  8. It always feels awesome to have a completely organised room. Mine is in need of a sort out too. Love the spotted shoes - I'm just starting to look forward to getting out of winter boots and into some pretty sandals.
    Clare x

  9. I just love these stools, If only I could afford them!!! in silver, divine!

  10. Oh! Those shoes! Amazing!
    I hear you on the messy front. We recently moved & it's taken me sooo long to get motivated to finish any single room - argh!

    ~ Clare x

  11. I always feel so happy after organizing my closet, or room...
    The cushions look adorable.

  12. love the blue chevron pillow and bright pink door! great idea instead of a white or brown one!

    xoxo navy & orange

  13. Sounds like you have really gotten organized! Those shoes are just to cute! It really does make you feel so good when you tackle a big job and it turns out so well!

  14. Those shoes are just too sweet to loose in the cupboard. Glad you found them and will be able to enjoy them again.

  15. Gorgeous shoes! For a moment I thought you had photographed our room - thank-you for reminding me to attack it with cleaning fervour. Methinks spring is on the way...hence the desire to clean and for bright colours to envelop our lives.

  16. Kellie, show us your organized space NOW! I want to see. And, um, those shoes are cheerful!
    xo, O

  17. J'adore le bleu des coussins !
    Mais je craque encore plus sur ces sandales à pois ! merveilleuses !
    have a nice day, Kelly.

  18. well,you have a lot work to do! shoes are great! pillows are adorable,i love it. and that pink door! i love everything!

  19. Gorgeous Miu Miu shoes!
    I had to laugh reading about your room and having to do a big organisation. My home office feels like that right now. Samples and ongoing work for clients are covering my walls, constantly reminding me that THIS evening I have to get all the other stuff in the room organised back into where they should be! Ha! I think this is a very common situation when it comes to busy more-than-full-day-women! :)

    Wishing you a clutter free day!

    Anette Willemine

  20. Oh that was me today i was trying to get the house organised & I ended up with fabric every were its more of a clean mess than it was when I started ooh dear :))

    Love the white stools they are gorgeous :)

  21. I can't imagine anything in your insanely pretty home being 'messy'! Very pretty shoes. Rachaelx

  22. Sounds like a busy time! Love those pretty polka dot shoes! xx

  23. So glad you were able to get organized! I'm in desperate need of that. Being back and forth between the city and the beach house this summer has left me in a constant state of disarray. I'm finally starting to get a little bit organized but I am secretly wishing for fall to come around so that I can be in one place for long enough :)

  24. Hello!
    Your blog is so sweet!
    I'm following you!
    XO XO

  25. love the pink door, Kellie. I'm getting tired of our white one too. have a beautiful day, darling! xo

  26. It always feels so good when you are done organizing. It makes the day easier when you can find what you are looking for without having to turn the house up side down and use a lot of time to look for it ;)
    Have a wonderful evening, Kellie!
    xx Marie

  27. I'm loving those shoes & your blog! I hope to clean up my closet soon, its a jumbled mess right now! You have inspired me to get the cleaning started!:) Follow me & I'm following you!

  28. I have a room like that and as soon as I get caught up on my blog reading today, I will start trying to bring some kind of order to it. You have inspired me to keep keepin on. Thanks.
    Oh and I love all of your pictures. Very cute!

  29. Amazing Miu Miu shoes! Such an inspired choice to incorporate colour in one's outfit. And I love the blue cushions. :)

  30. I always love your amazing pillows.



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