Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, Scarves & Pretty Blankets....

So excited its Friday! Flower markets tomorrow (perhaps a late visit im hanging for a sleep in), perhaps a spot of flea market shopping and a lovely dinner Saturday. Luke is off to golf early Sunday morning which means i can sleep some more!

In shop news those beautiful scarves (also can be worn as a wrap) shown below sold out in a couple of days, fortunately they are back. See them all {here}. I have had such wonderful feedback from happy customers; they are so soft and pretty and at $60, they are a gorgeous and affordable accessory for winter!

Also, some lovely customers have requested some Handiras (Wedding Blankets) incorporated into some decorating projects I am working on. And, now i've decided that i need one as well! Perhaps this chilly weather has something to do with it!?

These handiras I have sourced are very affordable, prices range from $199 to $499 depending on the size and detailing. At this stage they wont be stocked in the boutique so will just be on an order basis. If you are interested in seeing some pictures please email:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kellie xx


Source: Coco + Kelley x


  1. Have fun at the flower markets! i can think of nothing better to do on a weekend...

  2. You have a beautiful weekend ahead, Kellie. A lovely balance of rest and plan. Enjoy! Those scarves are gorgeous.

  3. The scarves are so full and tassel-ly..a very abundant look!

  4. uhhhh, looks GOOOD! Really like the scarves...

    Northern Light

  5. Wish you a beautiful weekend, Kellie!
    xx Marie

  6. the scarves are fun!!
    i would wear one.

  7. Love the scarves...the blue is gorgeous!!

  8. Oh yes, those scarves are lovely. Have a good sleepin. Fiona

  9. What fun scarves! They make such a lovely, feminine wrap. I remember the flower markets when I lived in Australia. We really don't sell flowers that way here in Texas. I miss the abundance of fresh flowers available to purchase. The most convenient way here is the supermarket, but they're not always the best looking or the variety you have in Australia!

  10. have had my eye on those scarves of yours kellie, they're gorgeous! xx

  11. Congrats on the scarves selling out...thats awesome!! <3 I hope you have a great weekend and got a chance to sleep in! :)

  12. I really like the scarf and the colors! Pretty.


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