Thursday, July 1, 2010

Simple combinations...

It's amazing how the simple thing grab us. I adore the details in this lovely wedding. The soft turquoise is so lovely with the white and soft pink. Also loving that silver vessel with the mismatched glass vases. Simple, effective and interesting styling. Always works so well. x

Images via Style Me Pretty x


  1. This is gorgeous Kellie! So simple, but so beautiful! Thank you for sharing ~ Tina xx

  2. That is so fun and quirky, I love that style, it's so relaxed but gorgeously chic at the same time... oh to be getting married now, instead of 8 years ago, when weddings were traditionally boring! (mine was too traditional, anyway!)
    Have a great day Kellie,
    Flick :)

  3. This wedding IS gorgeous! I have wedding-brain at the moment, I'm sure I'm driving everybody else crazy!! :) Hazel

  4. Congratulations for your's beautiful!
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    A kiss from Italy


  5. That cake is so pretty. I wish my cakes would turn out like that! I usually get impatient and don't wait long enough to frost them, hence the crumbs in the frosting. xo

  6. Such a lovely cake...made me smile this morning..the colour is beautiful! xoxo

  7. Hi Kellie,

    Your blog is beautiful! I love all the wonderful colors you've chosen to highlight.

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  8. Kellie, this is so sweet!
    you are so right that simple combinations really grab us! For me, it is like they hold little heart stories waiting to blossom over w/ soft wine. ;)
    Could it be that so often we look for the big things and those who do stop to touch the simple really reflect back to us a world we all seek to own. ;) you create invitations here to return. :)

    I love how you bring the details together so well here for us to enjoy!

    What a pleasurable experience you create here! Thank-you ~heartfully yours, Jenn :)

  9. The turquoise is also magnificent in the shot as it brings the outside colors into the room! Beautiful. Simple is better... I'll never argue against that ;). Hope you're well.

  10. So absolutely charming. It works really well indeed. Kellie you have such a great eye for spotting such wonderful design.

    x deb

  11. Beautiful photos. I agree, jars and metal vessel is a simple and effective photo.

  12. Those photos are lovely - the cake, in particular, is just divine! That pale seafoam green is one of my favourite colours, and the anemones give it a great modern look (I'm a little biased - we're using white anemones at our wedding next month).


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