Sunday, March 7, 2010

The house is in order... Well sort of

As much as I love to lounge around and do not much, I also get lots of satisfaction out of beautifying our house. This weekend we have done lots and lots...

1. I painted two bed side tables (i'll show you this week)
2. Finished my project with those gorgeous paints I featured a couple of days ok (I will show you that too)
3. Oh yes and I painted a old chest of drawers white
4. Luke has commenced wallpaper duties in our bedroom
5. Lots of new plants out the front of our home
6. Two visits to the vet - and i'll show you that one as well

Seems like I have lots of things to share with you this week.

Oh, and why the picture!? Well, that colour is divine and i'm searching for a fabulous antique console to give it that stunning treatment. If you see something please let me know! Kellie x

From here. x


  1. Beautiful, Can't wait to see all your complete projects! ~lulu

  2. Can't wait to see what you've been up to. I adore that colour too, it's definitely my current favourite. I'll keep an eye out for furniture for you.
    Kerri x

  3. You have been busy Kellie:) Can't wait to see your projects and shall keep my eyes out for a little antique console:) ~ Tina x

  4. Goodness me have been very busy with your little projects...cant wait to see what you have exciting! x

  5. Gorgeous color indeed. Looking out for a glimpse of your projects ...

    Have a marvelous week ahead!

  6. you have right...the color is divin...i love...
    have a nice day ...ROSE

  7. Well Kellie, you have been busy. You have achieved a great deal. How's Luke getting on with his wallpapering ? It's not the easiest job, but practice makes perfect.
    I love the blue and pink room., and the distressed pink table is lovely. XXXX

  8. Love the colour, had something similar last week...isn't it always the way, cheers Katherine

  9. Busy, busy! I am always nervous when the vets is mentioned..... not bad I hope?
    The console is adorable, I wish I knew where one was! Sounds like an interesting week over here at Ada and Darcy... look forward to it Kellie.

  10. Very busy by the sounds of things. Gorgeous little wall cupboard there.. I love the colour. You have impeccable taste.


  11. wonderful projects! they inspire. love the photos you share. xx

  12. So jealous of that satisfaction you are feeling...truly the best, I better get busy before the weekend here is over!

  13. I would say you were very busy!! That has to feel soooo good to get all of that done, can't wait to see,Kathysue

  14. I know just what you mean K! It does feel fantastic to be productive! Looking forward to seeing the end results! xox C

  15. You have been a busy girl, can't wait to see the pics!

    Happy Weekend :)

  16. Sounds like you have been busy but that's a good thing, hopefully everything goes lovely for you! That picture is wonderful inspiration, love the blue!


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