Friday, February 26, 2010

Blooms galore...

The divine Porchlight Interiors has featured this beautiful room and I couldnt resist it!
That beautiful wallpaper and glorious blooms are spectacular. Of course I spy some gorgeous pink as well that I adore. There are more of these beautiful rooms at Porchlight Interiors by the same designer....
I especially love the outdoor space with the potted hydrangeas. Until a couple of days ago i had something similar except then I came home from work after a hot day and the poor plant was a shrivelled mess! Kellie xx


  1. Love that table..and stools underneath it ..gorgeous! Great image..with check them out :)

  2. Such a pretty room, Kellie and so you.
    Your poor hydrangea....they don't like it too hot, do they ? XXXX

  3. Oh those hydrangeas have caught my attention Kellie, they are gorgeous! Love the table setting! Sorry to hear your hydrangeas are not too well:( Hope you have a lovely weekend ~ Tina x

  4. oh i would love to be able to have so many beautiful flowers in my house! xx

  5. Such pretty wallpaper! Very Laura Ashley.


  6. The stools are a fantastic touch, I love the color.

  7. The wallpaper goes with the florals perfectly.


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