Monday, January 25, 2010

This time of year...

I adore this time of year. The Australian Tennis Open is on all the time to keep us occupied. Especially the night time matches - that go for hours!

Ps. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions to where I could find some lovely cushions yesterday. If you have any more suggestions, I would love you to drop a comment, or even at the cushion post here!

Kellie xx


  1. Enjoy!!...what about some strawberries a la Wimbeldon??

  2. The tennis is always fun to watch
    The Hewitt/Federer game should be a good one tonight

  3. Hi Kellie, hope your weekend was a lovely one. We've been enjoying the tennis too x

  4. We're huge tennis fans in our house and having been enjoying the Australian Open, too. I'll be routing for Lleyton against Federer tonight!

  5. I love your bird votive. Where did you get that?

  6. Hi Kellie:) - I love this time of year too!! I am loving the tennis! Can't wait for the Hewitt/Federer match tonight! Best wishes for your cushion hunt...Happy Australia day to you for tomorrow - Tina x


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