Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day time flicker...

I do love on Saturdays to have my candles burning. The soft fragrance is a nice way to kick start the weekend. I actually prefer candles burning during the day rather than the night as for me, I find them so much more elegant that way. Kellie xx

Photos by Kellie Collis for Ada & Darcy


  1. Candles all day long and through the night are spectacular!

  2. Kellie these pics are divine! 3 of my favourite things - china teacups, pink and candles:) I love candles too but don't use them as much as I would like. Hmmm that may have to change! Have a beautiful weekend Kellie - Txx

  3. I prefer candles during the day too. I light my dusk "Awakening" candle every weekend to freshen up the house. I love the scent.

    Gorgeous teacup! You've inspired me to make a pot of tea! The best way to drink tea is in a vintage cup and saucer. Mugs don't cut it for me!

    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. What a beautiful tea cup! I hope your weekend is as pretty as that!

  5. This tea cup looks very beautiful! And I can imagine the scent too!
    You know, we burn through a lot of candles, every dinner time, tea time, some breakfast, in the kitchen, while reading, in the tub...we are all hooked!
    Love the elegance of a day time candle!
    Happy weekend, Kellie!
    XX V.

  6. I think that, if I could, I would have candles burning all day and all night. They have the most beautiful glow. So much better than electricity.
    Have a lovely weekend, Kellie. I'll be thinking of you with your candles glowing in the morning !!!! XXXX

  7. Hi Kellie, you sound like me. Here I am at 9.30am in the morning and I have the candles burning too. A beautiful scent is wafting through the house and its just divine. Have a great relaxing weekend. Sandy x

  8. Oh Kellie that is such a lovely candle. The teacup is divine.

    Lovely weekend darling,

  9. I had one burning all day while I had the fire place burning. Burning pine makes me not miss the Pacific Northwest as much. my daughter Emily made candles in teacups a few years ago for her girlfriends for Christmas. I've seen them made in lovely vintage sugar bowls as well. Great weekend to you Kellie. x

  10. Just lovely, I have mine in lovely my Noritake set. Chanel #5 of course!

  11. Pretty teacup candle - I love Jo Malone and Dyptique candles aglowing. Happy weekend Kellie xxx


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