Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pretty as a picture

Another family Christmas party today. Because of the distance between each other, we often see the family once a year. Feels as though the number of children multiplies each year. And, I seem to feel older and older every year!

Then I have to race home, to check out my shutters that are being installed as we speak. Very, very excited about it as you all know. See how patient I am, we only the called the suppliers about 50 times when the delivery date (of intially 8 weeks) blew out to 16 weeks... Bet they will be delighted to have us out of their hair. We can't help it if we are excited about them though... Kellie xx

All from here. x


  1. Yipppeeeeee Im excited for you..must post some pics :)

  2. Can't wait to see how your shutters look!! That is one of the prettiest little posies I've seen in a long time - lovely colous and so sweet x

  3. Kellie!
    Delighted you popped over to Bainbridge!
    Doogan sends you wet kisses & thanks you for the compliment...he says he's never had an admirer all the way in Australia!
    He's very flattered! :o)
    I must say Kellie...your blog is just lovely!
    It's popped on all of these blogs on and off every day...the banner is such a reflection of one's personality and what is to come on the blog!
    Some of them I pop on and pop right back off. The first time I popped over here...I found myself just settling into all of the loveliness!
    The little flower arrangement is oh so sweet!
    Best of luck with your shutters!
    And do pop back over to visit sometime!

  4. What a beautiful little bunch of spring flowers, Kellie. It seems ages away until we see some of those flowers in England, and, very odd to think that you are in late spring over there. Lucky you.
    I know how excited you are about your shutters. I was lucky and I got mine in the 6 weeks. Do yours come from China ? I think that nearly all of them do. You will be so pleased with them. They were one of the best things that we have ever bought and really change the room. Pleeeeeae take a photo to show us, when they are done.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family. XXXX

  5. Hiya Kellie, I had to giggle.. .there's nothing like children getting older to make you feel older!?!?! Listen have a great time with your family and congrats on the shutters - finally!! Lovely pics.
    Gena x

  6. I'm excited too!!!
    Gorgeous flowers!!

  7. Oh my what lovely flowers and yahoo about the shutters. You have been waiting forever my friend!!! Celebration time indeed.

  8. oh Kellie, this is the most exquisite bunch of flowers I ve ever seen! yay for the shutters! would you let us have a little peek? xo

  9. Oh yay - the shutters being installed.
    Hope your party was fun

  10. Hope you enjoyed the party and so happy for you about the shutters!

  11. How exciting! I love shutters too, take lots of pics to make me green... The posie is stunning also, those colours are so vibrant.


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