Saturday, November 21, 2009

An unrelated story

Good morning! What a night last night was. The event we attended was in a Sydney Bar that had an outdoor area as well for the fresh air to flow in and out. Only problem was Sydney was stinking hot, muggy and there was not an ounce of air-conditioning coming through the place. I can't remember ever being in a function place like that and experiencing that kind of heat. Lucky for the girls they were in summer dresses, the boys however were worse off in pants and shirts... Thank goodness for lemonade!! x

From here. x


  1. Beautiful flowers!
    I really like sunshine days, but I really don't like experience that big heat!
    here in Brazil is kind of hot too!!
    Summer dresses now!!!

  2. It is actually cooling down over here, hope your mugginess goes away. Happy weekend!

  3. Hope it cools down for you soon! Gorgeous flowers too! x Caroline

  4. it was an unbearable day and muggy night - we were home with the AirCon blasting...I was in my crisp cotton nightgown from about 4pm! haha whats a girl to do??

  5. Oh what a shame ... muggy here too. Least we had some good rain today.

  6. Looks like this heat is here to stay for a while..have a Garden Wedding on sunday In Dural..nice and hot...but am hoping that the aircon is well and truly fired up. Love the flowers..what kind are they? Peonies? Have a great weekend.. Anna x

  7. it was pretty hot in Melbourne..and now it's raining!! ♥

  8. you and your flowers, lol!

    I recently received a blog award which requires me to pass on the award, I've chosen your blog for obvious reasons, I'm a big fan!

    Check out this post and if you get time, I suggest you do it, because it was actually quite fun!

    catchya on the flipside!

  9. So funny to read this after taking off 2 layers of coats and a hat ;). Hope your next outing is more comfortable!

  10. Fabulous flowers kellie.
    Hope it cools down for you. You can have some of our weather, if you like. Rain, rain, rain. XXXX


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