Sunday, September 20, 2009

5 hours...

I had to get up out of bed. And, I really didn't want to! I need more sleep than 5 hours. Perhaps if I was shopping for this fashion I may be a little more excited. Kellie xx

From here via here.


  1. Kellie - 5 hours is definitely not enough sleep.
    I think even if you were shopping for such beautiful fashion items 5 hours is still not enough.
    Think you might need a caffeine hit.

  2. I hope it is an exciting project that got you out of bed early Kellie. I love the long white dress-if only I had a red-carpet moment to wear it to!

  3. Oh 5, not enough for sure!

    Lovely fashion to perk you up.

  4. j. mendel is one of my favorite designers. The pictures in your post explain why...his designs are FABULOUS!!


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