Thursday, June 11, 2009

More than one dream...

I hope one day to be able to incorporate wedding styling into my business. I just love it. I love the uniqueness of each wedding, the beauty required to achieve stunning outcomes and creating an incredible feel. Of course my styling service would include sourcing amazing gowns for my brides too!! I will continue to dream.... Kellie xx


  1. You should do it! The images you source here and the way in which you arrange them show you have a stylists eye.

    I think you should follow your dream :)

  2. What an intimate wedding it would be, images are gorgeous, the table arrangement is so intimate, love the second wedding dress.

  3. Beautiful ... hey I think you and I are on the same wavelength today! too funny.xx

  4. Beautiful!

    I had my gown made couture by a designer who formerly worked for Mariana Hardwick, and then ventured out on her own. Her name is Edyta Barron, she's based in Brisbane. It was such an amazing experience, I love that I wore my own design. I think you should do it!

    PS. I tried posting a reply to your Florence question but something happened and I lost my message. I'll try again: I love both, can't you use both somewhere? I LOVE FB, her designs are incredible.

    PPS. So glad you had a wonderful time in the Hunter Valley. Your photos are beautiful! x

  5. great idea, from what I've seen here any bride would be errrm honoured to have you...

    love those first few pics...waiting for a wedding to go to


  6. Oh, you absolutely should! You'd be great. I'd love to do the wedding coordinating- sadly not sure I'd be as good at the styling.

    The table settings are fantastic!

  7. Oh would be great! Love those heart melts at the sight of an outside table setting with chandeliers...that would be my dream wedding!

  8. I think you need to :) You have such an eye!

  9. You have such an amazing sense of style and any bride would be very lucky to have your services...just watch out for those Bridezilla's!

  10. Go on follow your dream, it's a beautiful one!

  11. You have a wonderful eye for detail, texture, pattern, colour.

  12. What beautiful tabletops! I'd like to have dinner on that everyday. :)

    I just stumbled on your blog - it's lovely! I look forward to browsing your archives.

  13. anything to do with weddings is intriguing, from he lighting to the clothing, flowers, cards. today there are so many options to make a wedding absolutely spectacular that it makes my head swim...with delight. i hope you do offer those services one day. would be fun to see what you select.

  14. it is a wonderful dream, with your talent and your great sense of style , you will sure make a hit ... I completely BELIEVE in you ...

  15. you are so right it takes alot of to make a wedding look good
    thaknks so much forvisitng my litttle blog :)

  16. I just read through almost all your blog, its lovely. And I think you should definitely follow your dream, you'll surely excel!

  17. I would love it if you included wedding styling. Your taste is just gorgeous! I adore those table centre pieces. Fresh and lovely. I will definitely keep that for inspiration.

  18. Dream big and go far!..
    Hitch your wagon to the stars.

    Follow through on that "persona" you expect to be.
    You enjoy this form of expression, so it would suit you well to make it work well for you.

    Settle down and catalog your current inventory for your very own Source book:
    > Start sourcing out settings, landmarks, hotels and houses available for events and then organize them by location, size, season and price.
    > Follow by making contact with sources for food, flowers and photographers, all to fall in line.
    > Continue with sources for all the personal and small details of gowns, hair & make-up, jewelry, invites and party favors and such.
    > Bill your Self as a "Wedding Stager": someone to set the 'stage' for a wedding setting whether it be staged as a photo prop or set for a real life wedding.
    > Make your presentation available to your will-be-clients, by making printed copies of everything you can think of and placing all items in plastic page-sleeves in a three-ring-binder.

    You can do this.
    You are meant to do this.
    Don't judge this.
    Just, do this!

  19. it's a beautiful thing to dream of..


  20. I say go for it! I just checked out the Style Salon Event photos and fell in love with the inspiration there- thanks for the link!!


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