Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Love....

Isn't this picture just divine!?! Being a puppy lover (some people at work thought Lily was my daughter and not my dog) this photo just sings to my heart. I happened to see it over at Weekend Host who had written about my blog and my "puppacino's" for Lily! 

I just thought i would tell you about Weekend Host which is another Australian blog written by Amanda. It is very new (just started in May) and i would describe it as one of those blogs whose author has a instinctive sense of style and femininity. I adore the lovely interiors, divine food and stunning fashion pics. Plus, and another BIG plus, Amanda is just lovely - friendly and charming. Amanda is a breath of fresh air away from the daily grind of politics and craziness in my day job, i feel like i now come home from work and are meeting people with similar tastes to mine who have no alterior motive other than sharing gorgeous things. 

Let me know what you think of Amanda's blog and if you like look at this article, aren't those images beautiful... Oh and this one too (i love fashion and amazing photography as well)...
Now... I was also tagged! By Being Ruby and One Day. THANK YOU LADIES!!

Julie @ Being Ruby - such a unique and stylish blog. Julie shares her travel photo's and what i particularly love is the stunning way she brings together a whole series of images with a gorgeous theme. Julie clearly spends so much time on her blog and it really comes through. Enjoy xx

And then there is Sara over @ One Day - another gorgeous Australian blog!! I adore Sara's sense of personal style, sense of humor and insight into her lovely life. I love how it has so many interesting aspects including many pictures of Sara's life and lovely home. 

Now, here are 6 lovely things that make me happy... Ok, VERY happy!!

1. Gorgeous interiors....
2. Fashion (with gorgeous interiors of course!)...
3. Inspirational & beautiful photography...
4. My blog and online store....
5. Stunning fragrances... Especially Vintage Gardenia by Jo Malone. 
6. Flowers.... Especially peonies. Here are some from my wedding... That's me and very special Bethany (1 of my 6 flower girls)...

Now!! Here are 6 blogs i would love to share with you all that provide me with inspiration and i admire for their divine taste....



  1. hi kellie, these pictures are so lovely! i'll go and have look at those sweet blogs you mentioned. have a lovely sunday!

  2. I have a house full of family in for a weekend high school graduation celebration but I wanted to stop by briefly and comment on this lovely image. It contains two of my favorite things: Swedish antiques and dogs.

    The settee is a gorgeous represetation of Gustavian antiques and the dogs are so adorable. They look so civilized!

    I look forward to checking out the blogs you recommend. Thank you for introducing some new friends.

    My best,
    Tricia - Avolli

  3. I love the picture! West Highland Terriers are my favorite!! And I even have one named Tuffy ("Sir Tuffington McDuff"). I will check out the blogs you have mentioned, they sound wonderful! Take care, Caroline

  4. awww what an adorable picture! Thanks for the weekend host referral - checked it out, what a gorgeous blog!

  5. I Love that photo of the dogs ready for tea! Fab. Love your top 6 too!

  6. Oh that is a very cute pic, and I checked out both the blogs, they are lovely, thanks for recommending :)

  7. I am a dog lover as well and that photo is amazingly adorable. Thanks for all the Sunday morning reading...i have my tea in hand and i am off to check out the lovely blogs you exciting!

  8. Thank you Kellie for introducing Amanda's lovely blog to me. It is gorgeous. The pic of the dining pups made my heart sing too. I love dogs & they are like your children no doubt.
    Sure miss peonies living in TX. I always had such beautiful ones living in Washington State. Great post!

  9. The photo is so adorable..., and I'm still exploring all the great links you provided!

  10. Aw, those puppies are precious! Fantastic top 6 choices!

  11. Sooo cute. Not that I would have my dogs sit at the table like that (if I had dogs), but it's darn cute.

  12. thank youu. that first photographs is lovely

  13. I am incredibly touched by your kind and sincere words Kellie. Thank you so much, you've put an enormous smile on my face.

  14. sooo precious, I love those little pups

    oh and the photos, pure eye candy


  15. I love this picture, especially the looks on the dogs faces.

  16. Sweet photo! How polite those little cuties are! xo Thank you for introducing those lovely blog to us! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog Kellie :) I didn't know that in Sydney is winter now!

  17. These pictures are truly stylish...I love peonies too and just now their bloom is over for this year :( but now I have roses...
    You have been such a lovely bride, even though I needed glasses to really get a glimpse!
    And for a little daughter...she could look good at this table too!
    :) Victoria
    PS: Thank you so much for adding me to your blog list, I am honored!

  18. Oh that picture is so cute with the dogs, lovely, do you know in France they actually have a resturant were the owners can take there dogs, they have a table setting & you order off the same menu for them, how bizzar!!
    Thanks for the blog list I will go & see when I get time which is never at the moment! love the images & your wedding from what I can see looked simply stylish!
    Elaine :)

  19. omg, the dogs pics are so cute and lovley. look like they're ready to be served. fabulous post!

  20. Aww, thank you for the mention! What a nice surprise. I'm going to check out the other blogs now.

  21. How lovely Kellie ... thank you for the blog links ..; I will check them out ...

  22. This was fun to read. All of your six things make me happy as well - especially the peonies! And I love the photo of the dogs. Too cute!

  23. LOVE the dogs dining photo... très FAB!!!

  24. Oh my goodness, the puppy picture is the most precious! -e


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