Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Planning for spring time!!

My lovely husband is going to build me a deck (he is an accountant by the way). The  motivation for this is that i have this gorgeous umbrella and just don't have the current space outdoors to fit it properly to really enjoy it! My umbrella is similar to this image below, apologies for the quality, just couldn't find one that was nicer, many other images seem so tacky! It's winter here in Sydney, but it won't be long and spring will be here!

So as my husband works out how is going to build this deck and what he needs to do it, i am going to focus on what i do best! What type of outdoor furniture should i select for outside. See i could do a table and chairs sort of thing, but, i really want it to be a place we can laze around and enjoy the sunshine, read the paper or have cup of coffee...

What sort of style do you prefer? I have found some ideas here...

The gorgeous umbrella just like mine! 

I do love the plants and beautiful furniture here.

I wonder if my accountant husband can work out a way to suspend these fabulous baskets :)

Now i didn't want table and chairs but i do love this fabric and use of beautiful colour.

Source: Elle Decor, Real Living Magazine, Haute Living, Graham & Green


  1. You have such great style, deary! I love the striped chairs that sit low to the ground. What a friendly way to enjoy the outdoors under your beautiful umbrella!

  2. I once saw a Japanese inspired garden that had floating-decks-as-islands that lay flat on the ground, almost like giant stepping stones. It was a fantastic visual, and so simple. No railings, no detail, just frame and floor.

  3. OMG, I think those pastel chairs are to die for. Love them.

  4. hmmm ... i think I like the top and third pic. Looks kinda comfy, perfect for lazing around, drink in hand ... xx

    ps I left u comment back at mine too.

  5. you have a lovely blog... thank you for stopping by mine.. i borrowed one of your amazing images... hope you dont mind... hope you had a wonderful weekend...


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