Monday, May 11, 2009

Gorgeous things for my home!

Look at this gorgeous chest of drawers and this lamp. I do love individual pieces like this - things that are interesting, can be moved around the home and are unique.

I love the colours in this decor, the pink is introduced so well in each item. I generally don't love colourful chandeliers, i prefer a real french vintage feel but this one works beautifully. Those cushions are very sweet too.

I went a bit mad at the flower markets on Saturday, here are just a little snapshot of what i purchased. I had so much fun putting the arrangements together. I do love magnolia leaves, and could have them in a vase all on their lonesome. 

I also bought several bunches of roses in lots of colours which i will show you very soon.


  1. What a gorgeous post Kellie. That flamingo chest of drawers is great!

  2. Blue cabbage..?!..a fantastic visual mix.

    The flamingo chest would like great with a wallpaper or drapery fabric pattern as a backdrop.

    Very interesting finds all around.


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