Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cuddles for Lily tonight...

Just a short post tonight... My gorgeous cavalier Lily was bitten on the nose by another dog at her training class. Feel very sorry for her as she has such a gorgeous nature and wouldn't hurt a fly... Literally! When a fly lands on her nose she just sits there and looks at it, waiting patiently for it to fly away! Lily went up to say hello to a jack russell and it nipped her on the face. Short post tonight as she needs lots of cuddles. Here are some pictures of her playing and forgetting about her night!

Kellie xx


  1. Oh the poor girl! :( My friend has a King Cavalier as well and she is the sweetest natured little lady as well.. I hope she feels better soon!

  2. what a cutie pie, that's a bummer. just like little kids on the playground huh? what a sweet little face on her! just want to kiss it. :)

  3. Aww, the poor pup! I'm sorry to hear about the nips and bites she's received! I'm sure the cuddles will help greatly :)

  4. Do you have tiny bottle of Lavender essential oil?..
    or a blend?...Bergamot?...Rose?...I drop on your finger tips and rub with a little puppy massage, and you both will be feeling better. Be well.

  5. Oh I so want to give her a cuddle, am presently with my in-laws two cavalier's - (cause I'm pinching in-laws internet so I can actually read some blogs)they are helping me blog and they have beautiful natures too. Am soooo sorry for her, poor darling.xxxx

  6. What an adorable lovable pup!
    I'd take Lilly over any cookie in the world.
    Lucky you! :)

  7. aw your puppy is so adorable, I want to give her cuddles.

    ps. love her name :)


  8. Your pup is absolutely beautiful! So cute. :)

  9. Making a very sad face.
    One day a Cavie will come home with me. My belovable goddaughter Hailey, now 7, decided years ago it shall be a girl & her name will be Twinkie because when they're newborns sleeping, they resemble the snack cake. Unusual but true.
    Give your sweetie a bit of sugar for me.

  10. Oh poor little Lily, she is adorable! Bet she loves her cuddles.

  11. Aw! She's beautiful. I have a cavalier king charles cross cocker spaniel. He's got the same kind of gentle personality. My Riley has a really healing energy.


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