Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More from Australian Fashion Week. So what if i like clothes...

So... Maybe it's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and maybe i do like a piece of clothing or two. But what i do love is long things- dresses or skirts. Yeah, i know i'm tall but skirts and dresses that are long (whether you are having a skinny or not so skinny day), always make me feel good. For all those petite women out there, let me enjoy this one. I can't wear a fabulous mini as it look like a top i should be teaming up with a lovely pair of jeans...

If i wasn't so utterly amazed and inspired by the divine Aurelio Costarella label I could be very jealous that i was never blessed with this kind of talent... Instead i will just watch and enjoy it :)

Last season i bought this amazing long, silk Scanlan and Theodore skirt, whilst it looks like i don't own anything else in my wardrobe because i wear it so much i adore it and frankly i don't care. I always feel elegant and pretty regardless if i'm going to the shops with Mum or dinner with the girls. 

I was looking through Vogue after a somewhat "interesting" day at work and things seem much brighter! Lots of long skirts and dresses featured for the 2009/10 season..... Ah spring time, please come soon....
Hmmm... Nicola Finetti. May i glam up please???

Marnie Skillings in colour... I love this kind of thing. Just like my favourite Scanlan Theodore skirt, i can potter in the markets in something like this or wear it out with a nice pair of heels!

Black is always fabulous, especially when it is soft and elegant with an accentuation on shape and femininity. Oh yeah, and of course it from the spring/summer range from the talented Marnie Skillings

Recession. What recession????????

Source: Vogue 


  1. these are some seriously gorgeous lines!! i must explore them all a bit more... :)

  2. Costarella has such beautiful stuff. I'd love to indulge! Becker & Minty at Potts Point in Sydney carry a really good range too..


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