Monday, April 13, 2009

Freshening up your home with cushions

For me, freshening up my home is really important. It makes me feel comfortable, happy and most of all satisfied when i look around. Of course changing the lounge is expensive and practical so changing my cushions, purchasing news ones and swapping them around is such an easy and quick way to make the home feel gorgeous again. I have selected a just a few of my favourites although there are so many gorgeous designs out there. Anything Missoni is fabulous and will last a lifetime but also very pricey, i have found my favourite Missoni one for the moment and also some other lovely alternatives to suit any lounge, chair or bed. Personally i love to mix my styles up a bit and to keep things a bit interesting!!

I so love this fabulous round design from Missoni, the edging is so interesting but also softens the strong red print.

 I'm also so loving this other round one from Lazy Bones in Ava Print. I recently saw this one at a design expo, it was so soft and cuddly i didn't want to put it down!!

Look at these gorgeous Thomas Paul cushions, you just turn them over for a completely different look! Perfect to add variety but also so friendly on the purse :) 


Stay tuned for more updates on my cushion obsession... Kellie xx

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  1. Love the Thomas Paul cushions. Anything that's got two-in-one is always so much fun!


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