Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beauty and Lighting

Its finally a sunny Saturday in Sydney and i'm so looking forward to having a potter around with my husband and dog Lily. Its also nice to be able to spend some time on my blog that has been missing over the past couple of weeks :)

I was reading one of my favourite and inspirational blogs, Coco+Kelley and came across these beautiful photos by Sydney photographer Liz Ham. This first photo caught my eye as i adore magnolia trees, when they are in full bloom, their elegance is a delight to the eye and when their petals fall, they make such a beautiful picture on the ground.

The sun coming through this next photograph is just beautiful, i also wouldn't mind that dress that model is wearing! Wonder if anyone knows where it is from?

I'm not quiet sure, why i was so drawn to this 3rd photo. Maybe it is the seagulls flying around or the yellow wig. But then again, it could be the warm sunshine that has been missing in Sydney of late :)

Happy Saturday! I look forward to doing more posts today! Yay! Kellie xx

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  1. ahhh the lighting, particularly in that first one, is so lovely! that slight flare in the top corner is just perfection!


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